New Innovations

The future is developed through every day pioneering. Progress foreword is never even. It can be by leap, stride, step or crawl. It occurs through satisfying customer need, exploring market requests, resolving problems, gaining new insights, dreaming or brainstorming. Every day, ZBE seeks to make improvements for its customers worldwide.

Examples of recent innovative ideas and products from ZBE:

LEAN Manufacturing: "An Improved Automated Workflow for Digital Photo Print Production".
Imagers can gain productivity and savings implementing LEAN manufacturing principles. ZBE's Chromira 5x ProLab was designed in accordance with these LEAN principles. Integration of the ProLab converts a lab’s batch to a flow process reducing cost, inventories, time, energy, labor and movement. Read to learn more……

IS&T paper

Chromira 5x ProLab is a “Green Machine”:
Owning a Chromira5x ProLab can help reduce your ecological footprint! This lab solution was designed to reduce power consumption, carbon generation, and paper waste. Customers provide their evidence. Read more….

Press Release

Chromira “Expert Tech” and “Expert Pro”
These are innovative new software tools to greatly enhance diagnostics and technical support, balancing and calibration of Chromira printers improving their workflow effectiveness and efficiency. Read more…..

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