Chromira Roll-to-Roll Printers

Chromira Roll-to-Roll Printers

Outstanding Productivity
Chromira roll-to-roll printers have superb production efficiency.  This is achieved through imaging systems design and usage, print head capabilities, operational simplicity, easy workflow integration, and “bottleneck-free technology”.  The last provides full front-end printer access to every computer on an imager’s network ensuring rapid order placement and sequencing.  ZBE offers two speeds of printers to match specific customer requirements.

Highest Standard Resolution
The Chromira’s 300 PPI working resolution is the highest standard image resolution in the industry. To attain even higher image quality, Chromira utilizes ZBE's patented Resolution Enhancement Technology, which achieves a visual resolution of 425 PPI. While other digital printers (such as leading laser printers) must image at lower resolutions of 200 PPI to reach production speeds, Chromira printers run at the highest resolution.

Low Total Costs of Ownership
Chromira roll-to-roll printers are the recognized standard for reliability, easy operation, and low total cost of ownership. They hold competitive advantages in affordability, reliability, easy maintenance, and low part cost.

Given customer need for additional digital capacity, ZBE offers the opportunity to upgrade Chromira 30 and 50 printers to the faster productivity of 5x printers.

» Chromira 5x 50"

» Chromira 5x 30"

» Chromira 1x 50"

» Chromira 1x 30"


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