WorkStream Suite

“Extreme Productivity. Saves Time. Drives Business to Your Lab”

ZBE’s WorkStream Suite offers “workflow delight”. ”. It is professional software that offers worry-free, efficient and accurate preparation, control and automation of digital print production from the photographer’s studio and in the photo lab. WorkStream coordinates the entire process of order creation, receipt, color correction, cropping and retouching, scheduling, printing and customer interface.

It provides tools to photographers for easy, efficient and accurate order preparation and ordering. It gives the lab seamless order management, enhancement, print scheduling and production capabilities. It also offers easy capabilities to the lab for new digital product creation and use.

ZBE WorkStream Suite is comprised of independent, yet integrated, products. for imaging lab customers and the photographer’s studio.

WorkStream IA (Imaging Automation) manages the production process in the digital photo lab or imaging service bureau. WorkStream IA handles all aspects of order creation, management and production from order creation and scanning, through color correction, cropping and retouching, to scheduling and printing. IA also can be provided with a rendering engine, Workstream RE, to create, render and distribute completed orders of printer-ready files to any RGB printer. WorkStream RE provides valuable multi-printer workflow integration for using WorkStream’s broad print production, packaging and customer interfacing capabilities.

WorkStream DS (Digital Studio) runs in the photographer’s studio. WorkStream DS is used to prepare images and orders that will be printed at the photo lab. All aspects of the order can be entered by the photographer including; image color corrections, cropping and composition, retouching and product selection. WorkStream DS automatically generates an order archive and database for your studio. Orders prepared in WorkStream transfer seamlessly to your photo lab for automated production.


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