German Distributor Supports Photography Education in Europe


Michael Wanduch of Wanduch Lab Consult has been a distributor of Chromira printers in Europe since 2001. Based in Dusseldorf, Germany, Wanduch sells Chromira Printers and provides customer support to photo labs in over 14 countries.

Wanduch Lab Consult focuses on three services in the photographic industry: selling Chromira printers and providing support to Chromira users, working within the photo industry to participate in new product development, and providing technical services and application techniques for photo labs throughout the European market and beyond.

Michael Wanduch worked for 8 years as lab manager in one of the most prestigious photo labs in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The lab specialized in large format printing for advertising and fine art photography.  Nineteen years of experience in the photo industry allows Wanduch to speak the language of the photo lab owner.  He has tremendous experience in the industry and photo lab owners can trust him to provide the most efficient and profitable technology.

At the same time, through his work with high-profile photographers and the international networking between educational institutions, Wanduch has developed relationships with many universities and academies, whom he now supplies with Chromira printing systems.  Wanduch’s full understanding of the requirements for fine art photographic production is very valuable for the labs and the staff in the universities.  His clients include:

Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design
Printer – Chromira 1×30 installed October 2003
For over a century Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design has been and still is the only Flemish college of art and design in Brussels..
Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design provides specialist education and research in the fields of fine art, photography, graphic design, communication design, illustration and comics, interior design, film, animation film and construction technology.
In the Photography studio, students learn to experiment with photography, acquiring the basic techniques of both analogue and digital photography. Boundaries between genres and techniques are dissolving which gives one the opportunity to develop a personal language and imagery.
Depending on their personal interests and ambitions, students may specialize in any one of these genres. Students are also introduced to an intellectual discourse on photography. Frequent group discussions and talks with guest lecturers will provide students with a broad view of the medium.

Berlin University of the Arts
Printer – Chromira 1×50, installed March 2008
Berlin University of the Arts is one of the biggest, most diversified and traditional universities of the arts, world-wide. The teaching offered at the four colleges of Fine Art, Design, Music and Performing Arts as well as at the Central Institute of Further Education encompasses the full spectrum of the arts and related academic studies in more than 40 courses. Having the right to confer doctorates and post-doctoral qualifications, Berlin University of the Arts is also one of Germany’s few art colleges with full university status.
The leader of the photographic workshops, Frank Bartsch, is inspired by the new Chromira printer which increases the offering of the university in large format printing:  “The Chromira 50 Printer delivers excellent picture results. Moreover, it is easy to use, produces higher quality images at lower costs than an inkjet printer. Hence, we have decided on a Chromira Printer, because it is suited very well for the university.”

The College of Fine Arts, today one of the four pillars of the Berlin University of the Arts, looks back on a history spanning over 300 years.

In the main building of the Berlin University of the Arts there are classrooms and various workshops as well as the studios of the specialist classes – among others, for painting techniques, wood, metal, printmaking, textiles, photographic printing and processing and the computer workshop.

The College has the right to confer doctorates. Numerous projects analyse research and professional practice as well as aspects of aesthetic education. There are lively exchanges with other universities within national and international networks.

Zurich University of the Arts
Printer – Chromira 5×50, installed December 2010
Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is a vibrant centre for teaching, research, and production excellence. While firmly anchored in Greater Zurich, the university’s influence extends well beyond Switzerland to the wider international stage. They offer a broad range of degree programs and continuing education courses in education, design, film, art & media, dance, theatre, and music. Closely interrelating teaching and research, they provide an ideal setting for transdisciplinary projects.
The Department of Art & Media claims an internationally well-positioned and ambitious program in its teaching and research. Due to its well-established network in Europe, Switzerland and Zurich (Zurich University, Federal Technical University, cultural and media networks in Zurich), the department functions as a major research institution for artists, (media-)authors, theorists, art critics, curators, researcher in the arts and aesthetic theory in Europe

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, France
Printer – Chromira Pro Lab, installed April 2009
The National School of Photography’s main mission is to train photographers with strong artistic, technical, historical and theoretical knowledge and experience. Photography in all its dimensions is at the heart of the curriculum. The lessons include technical training workshops, practical training in workshops and outside, theoretical and historical courses, meetings with artists, professionals, and critics. After their three years of study, students can consider a career in art circles, in journalism and media in teaching or research, and in most professions requiring expertise in digital images, still or moving.

Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig
Printer – Chromira 1×50, installed August 2010
The Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig – Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, is one of the oldest art academies in Germany, founded in 1764 as the “Zeichnungs-, Mahlerey und Architectur-Akademie.” Today, students study book arts, graphic design, painting, fine art graphics, photography, and media art. The new “Cultures of the Curatorial” program combines application-oriented research practice with academic reflection. It is oriented towards people with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds: in the arts — visual arts, dance, theatre, film and music — as well as in cultural mediation, in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

The extensively renovated workshops of the HGB offer a traditional artistic introduction in the following art forms: lithography, etching, serigraphy and the graphic workshops: manual typesetting, letterpress, offset printing, reproduction and book covering. Students and teachers produce in cooperation with the “Institute for Book Arts” books with highest art standards, which are prized nationally and internationally each year.

The academy’s own gallery provides all students with the possibility of getting in touch with the development of contemporary exhibition culture through conceptual projects. It shows works from members of the academy as well as from international artists. In that way, the gallery functions as a showcase to the public and produces dialogues with relevant questions on society and arts.


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