Chromira 5x™ and Roll-to-Roll Workflow Integration

As the digital imaging landscape intensifies, the need to streamline workflow for efficiency gains becomes more important. It is why ZBE ensured that its labs and printers easily integrate into many popular workflows.

The entire line of Chromira printers and labs was designed to easily integrate with all of your digital imaging workflow applications for unmatched productivity and versatility. Their software is highly flexible and adaptable, fully able to meet your evolving digital production and workflow needs. ZBE’s printer workflow software fits seamlessly with the industry’s most powerful and successful digital software applications. It allows you to incorporate your printer’s unique capabilities – such as the ProLab’s cutting, sorting, and collating properties – into your chosen workflow(s) quickly and efficiently.

If you utilize a different workflow in your lab, our software engineers will work with you to customize your printer for integration.


Chromira labs and printers currently partner and integrate with the following software applications:


Our Customers


“My employees had a steadier workflow, were less stressed, and had more time to do a better job. We went from a 2-day turnaround to a half-day turnaround… That is my definition of great throughput. It is the time and effort necessary to get an order on our server and out the door.”

-Brooks Clayton, Mid-South Color Lab, Jackson, TN, on the Chromira ProLab

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