ColorPro Box Label

ColorPro II

“Traditional feel. Modern advantages.”

The ColorPro II is the contemporary version of ZBE’s ColorPro professional color input tool. It functions and feels like a traditional VCNA color input station, with color and density input wheels for quick color correction of large quantities of images. However, it was designed for use with current computer workstations.

Therefore, the ColorPro II offers tremendous advantages in process and results. It provides familiar controls to traditionally trained color analysts, but ensures greater accuracy, speed, productivity, and color consistency in the digital process.

ColorPro II is compatible with all Kodak DP2 Users, with Kodak DP2 Ver. 8.1 or newer releases.

No wonder why the ColorPro II is so popular!

ColorPro II Driver

button(1)   120KB   Version: 01292016

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