The Tri-Community Photography Center Succeeds in Raising Funds for a Second Chromira


Carpinteria, California –  With all of California’s colleges and Universities severely impacted by budgetary cuts, Tri-Community Adult Education Photography Center (TCPC) found a way to engage students and the whole community in an effort to enhance their successful Adult Education Photography program with the addition of a Chromira ProLab digital photo printer.

The Tri-Community Photography department offers comprehensive photography courses, from beginner-to-advanced, designed to teach adult students the professional skills for careers in photography. For several years,  they have operated an aging but state-of-the-art Chromira large format digital photo printer in their digital color printing lab. As the Photography Department grew, it became apparent they needed more imaging productivity, and a more efficient workflow than their current printer could provide.

The obvious solution was to trade-up and secure a new Chromira ProLab printer, which offers five times the production speed and could automatically cut, sort, and collate their student printing orders on the fly.  The ProLab also gives TC Photography department the ability to serve many more students each day and still have the capacity to continue growing and serving the local community.

Like every California state and local school forced to operate with dramatically reduced budgets, government funding would be a challenge; Tri-Community knew a creative solution would be necessary.

The solution was a community effort, with students, friends, local businesses all helping.  Tri-Community Adult Photography Center organized a variety of fund raisers from silent auctions and donation drives, to Photo exhibitions and Sales, to Seminars with all efforts contributing to the Chromira ProLab fund. Within two years, Tri-Community succeeded and had a new Chromira ProLab producing state-of-the-art large (and small) format digital fine art prints for students. The Chromira ProLab is a center piece of the Tri-Community Photography department.

About ZBE
ZBE, Incorporated is headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, and has been serving professional imaging needs since 1980, as a pioneer and manufacturer of award-winning commercial photo imaging technology.  ZBE’s hybrid LED imaging technology resulted in the state-of-the-art ProLab, as well as Chromira printers, which produce high resolution continuous digital photographic prints.  To satisfy demand for reliable and affordable, high-caliber imaging tools, Chromira is sold throughout the world.  For further information about ZBE’s products, please visit .

About Tri-Community Photography Center
The Tri-Community Photography Program is includes more than two hundred courses offered annually on a rotational basis. Skill levels range from beginner to professional. The vocational program is designed to provide students with skills that can be used to obtain full-time employment, review/refresh skills, or seek professional advancement in current occupations. Tri-Community Adult Education is a cooperative educational program serving the Unified School Districts of Charter Oak and Covina-Valley California.


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