ZBE Donates Chromira Prints to Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation


Spring Green, WI, USA – “They’re just beautiful, really beautiful,” said Francis Nemtin of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, upon receipt of eleven Eugene Masselink works reproduced by ZBE’s Chromira 5x ProLab.

On July 26, 2009, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Taliesin Arts & Culture Program will be hosting an exhibit of exclusive designs by artist Eugene Masselink at the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  16 x 20” prints of the selected works were donated by ZBE Inc. They were printed on their Chromira 5x ProLab at their Carpinteria, CA facilities.  ZBE’s Imaging Specialist Eric Palmer worked closely with Francis Nemtin to restore the colors to reflect the artist’s original intent.

Zac Bogart, ZBE’s President said “I am a tremendous fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, architectural achievements and his development and inspiration of other architects. I am very pleased to assist the Foundation in celebrating Eugene Masselink, who is an extraordinary artist and who has contributed so much to the organization.”

About the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Taliesin Art & Culture Program
and Eugene Masselink

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was established in 1940 by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and today, it owns and maintains two National Historic Landmarks, including Taliesin – Frank Lloyd Wright’s design studio, the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives containing over 22,000 of Wright’s architectural drawings, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, 32 US and international registered trademarks and hundreds of design copyrights, and a residential community of scholars and artists.  The Taliesin Art & Culture Program is newly launched by the foundation to raise public awareness of Taliesin and the exceptional combination of architecture, arts, and agriculture to be found there utilizing workshops, performances, and exhibitions in arts and culture.

Eugene Masselink (1910-1962) was born in South Africa, but grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In 1933, he joined the Taliesin Fellowship (forerunner to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture) and never left.  For nearly 30 years, Masselink worked for Wright as his right hand man, responsible for everything from Wright’s correspondence to his events planning.  Masselink is also responsible for many decorative elements found in Wright’s work, as applied to paintings, stained glass pieces, mural screens, rugs, etc.  Today, Masselink’s works are being recognized for their artistry separate from their use in Frank Lloyd Wright’s projects.  The foundation’s spotlight on Eugene Masselink this July not only highlights his talents but also shows tribute to a man who was so important to its history.

For further information on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, visit www.franklloydwright.com and www.taliesinpreservation.org.  For more on Eugene Masselink, visit http://www.jetsetmodern.com/masselink.htm.

About ZBE

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