ZBE Establishes $1 Million for a “Cash for Clunkers” Printer Trade-In Program


Carpinteria, USA – ZBE Inc. announces that it has established a $1 million “Cash for Clunkers” Printer Trade-in program. This will allow imaging labs to trade in their professional photo printers and obtain funds toward the purchase of a brand-new Chromira 5x ProLab printer.  High trade-in values are available for “old inefficient clunker photo printers” from Noritsu, Durst, Oce Lightjet, Fuji, Poli, Kodak, or Agfa.

“This is our version of the economic stimulus program,” said Zac Bogart, President of ZBE Inc.  “Many labs are struggling with their old inefficient printers.  They are paying hefty service agreement fees to keep them running. These printers are guzzling time, energy, and labor.  We want labs to know that there are other options. We can help them obtain a great deal on a ProLab through our “Cash for Clunkers” Printer Trade-in program. This will drastically reduce their overall operating, maintenance and energy costs and provide them with efficiencies to grow their business. Starting on Day 1, the ProLab provides positive dividends in savings and workflow effectiveness.”

For detailed information on ZBE’s “Cash for Clunkers” Printer Trade-in Program, please email info@zbe.com or call 805-576-1600.

About ZBE & the Chromira ProLab
ZBE, Incorporated is headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, and has been serving professional imaging needs since 1980, as a pioneer and manufacturer of award-winning commercial photo imaging technology.  ZBE’s hybrid LED imaging technology resulted in the state-of-the-art ProLab, as well as Chromira printers, which produce high resolution continuous digital photographic prints.  To satisfy demand for reliable and affordable, high-caliber imaging tools, Chromira is offered in several locations around the world.

Chromira 5x ProLab is a fully integrated, professional 30″ digital printer/processor lab system that automatically nests, sorts, back-prints, cuts, and collates package orders of small prints, larger prints, and murals with perfectly color-matched, flawless results.  It reduces turnaround times, labor, energy, and operational requirements, as well as provides labs a competitive advantage in and across market segments in the professional photo industry.  For further information about this, or any other ZBE products, please visit www.zbe.com .


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