ZBE Releases Major Chromira Software Updates


Carpinteria, CA, USA – ZBE Inc. announces three major Chromira software upgrade releases which will provide users with improved productivity and performance, making them more time and paper efficient, as well as giving them the capability to produce more complex products for their various markets.  These software releases include Chromira Printer, v6.0 and Chromira Balance, v6.0, both affecting the entire Chromira family of printers, and Chromira ProLab, v2.0 for the Chromira 5x ProLab printer/processor.

Chromira Printer, v6.0

Enhancements to the Chromira Printer software include: nesting efficiency improvements resulting in up to a 25% reduction in paper waste, performance enhancements in image rendering which will allow for the printing of more complex products, additional text formatting and trim mark configuration options, and large file handling improvements that will enable better decompression scaling as well as optimized printing for files of up to 2 G’s in size.

Chromira Balance, v6.0

Upgrades in the Chromira balancing program allow for: integration of the Epson V700 scanner, improved algorithms for tighter control of the densitometry, and for greater time savings, a reducing of the number of scan cycles necessary as well as a new densitometer interface which will pinpoint problems immediately.

Chromira ProLab, v2.0

Changes to the ProLab software add greater usability.  The finished view has been updated for ease of locating and reprinting finished jobs and orders and the sorter shelves now slowly accelerate to their initial position to warn operators of when sorting will begin.  Other improvements have been made to cutting and sorting, stability, feedback mechanisms, and error reporting and handling.

ZBE, Incorporated is headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, USA, and has been serving professional imaging needs since 1980, as a pioneer and manufacturer of award-winning commercial photo imaging technology.  To help satisfy demand for reliable and affordable, high-caliber imaging tools, Chromira is offered in several locations around the world.


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