ZBE’s “Cash for Clunkers” Trade-in Program Continues


Save Thousands on a New Chromira ProLab

with ZBE’s Cash for Clunkers Trade-in Program

Stimulate Your Economy.

Are you looking for a new, efficient imaging solution that will save you time and money while providing you with beautiful prints?  Then look no further than the Chromira ProLab.  The ProLab will provide you with gorgeous small and large format prints that will impress and bring in new customers, even as its streamlined workflow saves you time, money, and energy.  You’ll find yourself wondering why you waited so long to get one.

Trade Up and Save Thousands of Dollars on a Brand New ProLab.

Don’t hassle yourself with old, inefficient printers or their hefty service fees any longer. Trade up your printer with ZBE’s $1 Million “Cash for Clunkers” program, which still has money available.  Don’t wait too long to find how many thousands your printer could be worth!  This program will offer you a great deal for your old printer and help you trade up to a Chromira ProLab.  This will give you the opportunity to afford a new, productive, and reliable imaging solution.  For more information, fill out our contact form, email marketing@zbe.com or call 805-576-1600, x103.

“One machine goes down and you’re in a panic.  Of course, this is unless you’re a ProLab.  ProLab is the best; it doesn’t break down.  If it did, I could always fix it myself.  Even waiting for great service puts you in a panic because you’re on their schedule.” 

-Wayne Yary, Coast Color, Chino, California

What Kind of Printers Can I Trade In?

ZBE’s printer trade-in program will allow imaging labs to trade in their professional photo printers and obtain funds toward the purchase of a brand-new Chromira 5x ProLab printer.  High trade-in values are available for old, inefficient, “clunker” photo printers from Noritsu, Durst, Oce Lightjet, Fuji, Poli, Kodak, Agfa, and more.

Older printers – with older technology – guzzle time, energy, and labor.  With this program, labs can get a great deal on a ProLab.  The ProLab has been proven to drastically reduce overall operating, maintenance, and energy costs, while providing efficiencies to grow lab business. Starting on Day 1, the ProLab provides positive dividends in savings and workflow effectiveness.

“Getting the prints exactly when you want them is such a great advantage.  I didn’t realize it until I got the ProLab.   The benefits of having a machine that does everything – including your cutting and sorting – was more than I could have imagined.  It’s actually faster than my 3 Kodak LEDs together, especially after all the little problems they have had.”

-Wayne Yary, Coast Color, Chino, California


The Chromira ProLab’s integrated, ready-to-bag workflow will decrease turnarounds, as well as save you time, money, equipment, and labor costs.  What are you waiting for?  Find out how many thousands you can save with your printer today.

For more information, fill out our contact form, email marketing@zbe.com or call 805-576-1600, x103.



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