Commercial Imagers Market

This diverse segment produces images that are used for commercial purposes. They include pictures of buildings, architecture, models, designs, products, artifacts, equipment, machinery, work systems and landscapes. The images capture the imagination, communicate, influence the perception and opinion of, shape the preference for and sell an idea, a design, product or service. Images also include ones that reflect news events, sporting competition, or detailed human experience. Commercial images are used in marketing, advertising, sales, merchandising, promotional, public relations, news and educational purposes in print, on display, on screen, on-line, etc.


Tim Bee

Chrome Digital, San Diego, CA, USA


Chromira 5x ProLab


“Chrome has been very happy since September 2007 with completion of our Prolab 30 installation.  The print quality with the very fast processing speed and zero color management issues is fantastic!  The Prolab has been a great addition to Chrome’s service offerings.  Cheers…”


Glen Hodges

Specialty Color Services, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Commercial, Fine Art, Portrait

Chromira 30


“We’re very pleased with our Chromira.  Ours is 10 years old and the reliability is great.  Its quality stands alone.  We’ve had Lightjet clients who – when they saw Chromira prints – got what Chromira’s all about. There’s no comparison. We also love that it works so well with our Frontline online ordering system workflow. We print everything larger than 8×10 on our Chromira: tradeshow prints, landscapes, fine art, and online orders.  When we advertise, we really promote Chromira because pros know what it is.  The Chromira has a name for itself.”

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