Fine Arts Market

This segment produces images that fulfill the creative vision of the artist. The images artistically express ideas, experiences, and occasions. They are considered to be state of the art. They demand broad technical expertise, imaginative talent and creativity in their execution.


Rich Seiling

West Coast Imaging, Oakhurst, CA, USA

Fine Art

Chromira 5x ProLab


“The Chromira ProLab’s ease of use, reliability, and superb color management engine allows us to spend our time making great files to print…not being a repair technician. And that lets us service our customers better, delivering beautiful prints that will hang on the walls of museums, galleries, and collections throughout the world.

Our customers are the most discerning in the world, with decades of experience in photography. They know what a great print is supposed to look like, and demand that quality from our studio. For over five years, we’ve relied on the Chromira to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”


Bryan Gracey and Darren Rokahr

CPL Digital, Melbourne, Australia

Fine Art, Commercial, and Pro Photographers

Chromira 5x ProLab, Chromira 5x 50


“CPL Digital has been in business for over 40 years, serving well-known professional, advertising, and artistic photographers.  Being based in Australia, we were reluctant to be dependent on a company so far removed from our home base, but such fears have proved to be totally unfounded.  Service is what actually sets ZBE apart from the rest.  They have always been very responsive to our technical requests and it’s pretty amazing to watch them take over the machine remotely and fine-tune our Chromira Lab.

CPL has been a Chromira lab since 2006, in the pursuit of producing better quality prints than our competitors.  Our first Chromira was the original 50”, but we had to upgrade to the Chromira 5x speed to keep up with the demand it drummed up.  In January 2010, we welcomed the arrival of our Chromira ProLab, to replace our Kodak Pegasus.  It has improved our quality, throughput, and most importantly, client satisfaction.  The improvement in workflow has also been significant.  With our increased capacity to produce quality work faster, we now have the potential to expand our business and target new clients who appreciate the quality output our Chromira printers provide.”

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