Tech Company Business Development Internship

ZBE, Inc. is a 35 year old, technology based company, located in Carpinteria. The company has a rich history of leading technology transformation in imaging based companies. ZBE is looking to expand into new markets that leverage its core competencies. Core competencies include multiple engineering disciplines, manufacturing, and business-to-business marketing and sales.

The Internship will include an in-depth study of the company’s specific competencies. This will be followed by creative identification and exploration of business development opportunities for the firm. These prospective market, service, and product opportunities would be analyzed through the identification and assessment of potential market size and growth, segmentation, value propositions, distribution channels, and competitive environment. Project will include interviews with company staff, and prospective customers, industry parties, distributors, etc…

Project direction: ZBE, Inc. President and Chief of Operations.
Project duration: 10 weeks +
Needs: Openings for two interns

Intern Skills: Graduate students or senior level Undergraduate students in Engineering are preferred. Other academic backgrounds including Technology Management, Marketing, Economics and hands-on experience in manufacturing or product development will be considered. Candidates should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational skills, attention to details, research skills, creativity, and knowledge of information technology tools. Microsoft Word and Excel experience is a plus. The hours are part-time from 6 to 12 hours per week and can be varied based on student’s schedule.

Zac Bogart
805-576-1600 x 101