ZBE Releases “Chromira Expert Pro”


Carpinteria, CA, USA – ZBE Inc. announces an innovative new software tool suite for Chromira professional photo labs: “Chromira Expert Pro”.  This is a threefold application will greatly enhance diagnostics and technical support, balancing and calibration of Chromira printers, enhancing their workflow effectiveness and efficiency.  The “Chromira Expert Pro” suite is available to all Chromira labs with service agreements.

“ZBE focuses intently on our customers and their workflows.  Based on extensive customer input, we developed “Chromira Expert Pro” to enhance their operations and their yield. This tool suite bundles the breakthrough diagnostics, technical support and reporting of our new “Chromira Expert Tech” with significantly upgraded densitometry and calibration functionalities. We are very excited about the broad benefits of to our customers,” says Zac Bogart, ZBE’s President.

“Chromira Expert Pro” includes the groundbreaking diagnostic, technical support and reporting applications announced as “Chromira Expert Tech”.   These capabilities will speed and enhance troubleshooting.  When an error is reported to ZBE’s Web Service Portal, the “Chromira Expert Tech” software will collect critical customer experience information, including calibration, balance and usage.  It will prompt the Printer Operator to answer specific clarifying questions.  This information will be automatically analyzed by new diagnostic software tools identifying the issue and prospective causes. The data and analysis will be evaluated by ZBE Service Professionals for further testing and verification.  ““Chromira Expert Tech” will save customers time spent in collecting data and answering questions. The Lab’s downtime will be minimized through enhanced problem solving and fast response.

“Chromira Expert Pro” also broadly upgrades current balancing and calibration capabilities in Chromira printers. Densitometry capabilities have been enhanced to improve linearization and the speed and quality of color balance.  The new “Scan Software” will accelerate and improve the calibration of the printer. It will also allow new and future materials to achieve their maximum color gamut. “These new capabilities will provide our customers with significant operational benefits.” says Zac Bogart, ZBE’s President.
ZBE, Incorporated is headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, and has been serving professional imaging needs since 1980, as a pioneer and manufacturer of award-winning commercial photo imaging technology.  ZBE’s hybrid LED imaging technology resulted in the state-of-the-art ProLab, as well as Chromira printers, which produce high resolution continuous digital photographic prints.  To help satisfy demand for reliable and affordable, high-caliber imaging tools, Chromira is offered in several locations around the world.

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