New Website Launch

Carpinteria, USA – ZBE Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new and enhanced website.  The freshly updated site features a clean and modern aesthetic with improved user experience.  It incorporates greater functionality for sharing information, education through videos and pdfs, easier navigation, service portal, and additional ways to contact us.

“We’re very excited about the unveiling of our new website,” said President Zac Bogart.  “This site will provide our users both easy navigation and broad informational resources.  The new website reflects many recent ZBE advancements. We have introduced innovative products, developed new service techniques and tools, and ensured the easy integration of our Chromira Labs and Printers with customer and popular workflows. This website nicely embodies ZBE’s spirit of and reputation for creativity.”

Visit today!

About ZBE

ZBE develops, designs, manufactures, and markets Chromira digital printing solutions for professional, consumer, and commercial imaging applications.  The company is committed to delivering the highest quality digital imaging systems capabilities at an affordable price. Its products are recognized in the industry for their imaging excellence, performance, robustness, and reliability. This dedication to “customer value and satisfaction” has led to broad market acceptance and fierce customer loyalty in all key imaging markets. ZBE products are offered worldwide.